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Draco adopted our family when he was just 8 months old. He was a beautiful and loving cocker spaniel who lived with us for almost 14 years. We did everything with Draco; the silence in our home now is so loud it is unbearable. He was always waiting at the door for us to come home and we miss that now. Draco taught us about unconditional love without every saying a word. We miss him terribly. We were lucky to have Lap of Love come to our home to help us say goodbye to him. He was surrounded by his family in his favorite spot in the house when he left us for the rainbow bridge. His paw prints are imbedded in our hearts for ever and into eternity. Until we meet again our beloved Draco.

Losing a beloved pet is never easy and we need a place to honor their lives. Friends of the HVHS are welcome to remember their beloved pets here. Send us the name of your pet, type and age and we will include them.
August 8 2015 our cat snuck out of our back door and he usually comes back but this time he didn't he is very friendly with kids and like to chase other small creatures. He is a in door cat that is almost 4 years old. He is a black all American short haired cat with a white patch of fur under his chin and green eyes and a long black tail. And he is very friendly and loves to cuddle we are heart broken with out him. My husband use to call him bubba and sleep on the couch with him.

I adopted Spike,my love bug when he was 4 months old. He was diagnosed with a congenital spinal condition where is spine was disintegrating. After surgery the vet told me he would never walk again and urged me to euthanize him. I refused because he wasn't in pain so everyday 3 or 3 times a day I exercised his legs so they wouldn't atrophy. After 5 moths I was talking on the phone and I felt a cold nose nuzzling my foot. It was Spike! He was walking again! I called the Neurologist immediately and he screamed, it's a miracle! He walked for the next 5 years and when he lost all use of his legs, I had a special harness made so I could take him out to sniff trees, etc. I carried him everywhere. At 13, he passed away in my arms. I miss him everyday. 2 weeks ago my little love Bam Bam passed away. He had an enlarged heart. I cried for 2 weeks when he was diagnosed the February before last. At that time our vet gave him 6 to 24 months to live. I created a bucket list for Bam Bam. He got to have all his favorite foods, Salmon, chicken liver, steak, his fav rotisserie chicken and vanilla icecream to wash down his heart medication. I spent every moment with him. He accompanied me to work, day trips, trains & buses, food shopping, with me all the way. The day before he died we went to a park nearby and had a picnic. I had a beautiful wake for him at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery. I wanted to honor him. I was blessed to have been chosen by 2 wonderful and loving best friends. I will love and miss them forever.

Dexter, the red-nosed pit bull, has been found!

For many years I always wanted a pet rat. I'd done research and learned so much about rat's intelligence and personality. A month ago I was lucky enough to adopt a few month old, black hooded Dumbo rat; Phineas. He is the sweetest pet I've ever had. He comes to me when I say "Come here Baboo!!" And he loves being pet and cuddled. He likes to steal my food, and drink my soy milk, and I can't ever be mad! Me and Finny both have a completely vegan diet, and his favorite snacks are almond milk and fruit snacks! He kisses my lips and licks my hands and sleeps on my feet. Thankfully he runs around, otherwise he'd be pretty chunky with all the junk he eats! I will never go without a rat again. I always want one in my life. Phineas is the most lovely, smart, and adorable pet that's ever owned me! And I love him to death. So if you're looking into adopting a rat, I definitely suggest it! Despite their reputation, they are clean, and cuddly animals; a rat would change your life, I know Phineas has changed mine!

My little grey Tuxedo male cat, Gable (3 years old) escaped from an unlocked kitchen window about 2 weeks ago. As he was always an indoor cat, you can imagine how distraught I was upon discovering that he had ran out. I contacted the Clarkstown police department, who then forwarded me to Animal Control and then I was put in to touch with Anne Marie at HVHS. From start to finish, Anne Marie was simply AMAZING. She was super knowledgeable, calm and reassuring. She taught me how to set up and use a humane trap that HVHS was nice enough to lend to me. During the blizzard that recently hit us, Gable managed to get up in a tree- approximately 50 feet up. A neighbor helped me by calling a tree service company to come out and get Gable down. As he was brought down from the tree, he managed to escape (again) and ran away further from home. However, with the help of the humane trap, I was able to get Gable back home safely last night. At times when I was discouraged, Anne Marie encouraged me to be patient and was super supportive. She always answered any questions I had. Anne Marie helped me set up a vet appointment today and Gable is now resting at home with me. I will be forever grateful for what Anne Marie and HVHS did to help me get my little guy home! Thank you!!

One day we find a 5 week old kitten in the back of Walgreens, and the next day he's in the home page in the ad for the nurturing! It all started one Saturday. My mom heard a noise from the back of Walgreens from all the way across route 304. She checked it out, and it took 4 hours and some praying but eventually my mom found him.he was a black, brown, and white tabby kitten. we took care of it and the next day me and my mom set out to the shelter. It's was very, very hard to let go of him. But my mom and me were strong. The funny part was, we thought the kitten was a girl, but he was a boy! XD . He is now part of our family. We have another cat named Chief, from a video game character named Master Chief. Thankfully, they got along really well. The kitten was eventually named Madison ironically. The ironic part was, we had a cat who was named Madison, who is in kitty heaven now. :)
We all miss you every day my little doggies. Every day with you was a precious gift. Love you forever.