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The Miracle
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One day we find a 5 week old kitten in the back of Walgreens, and the next day he's in the home page in the ad for the nurturing! It all started one Saturday. My mom heard a noise from the back of Walgreens from all the way across route 304. She checked it out, and it took 4 hours and some praying but eventually my mom found him.he was a black, brown, and white tabby kitten. we took care of it and the next day me and my mom set out to the shelter. It's was very, very hard to let go of him. But my mom and me were strong. The funny part was, we thought the kitten was a girl, but he was a boy! XD . He is now part of our family. We have another cat named Chief, from a video game character named Master Chief. Thankfully, they got along really well. The kitten was eventually named Madison ironically. The ironic part was, we had a cat who was named Madison, who is in kitty heaven now. :)
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