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Friday, February 22, 2013

For many years I always wanted a pet rat. I'd done research and learned so much about rat's intelligence and personality. A month ago I was lucky enough to adopt a few month old, black hooded Dumbo rat; Phineas. He is the sweetest pet I've ever had. He comes to me when I say "Come here Baboo!!" And he loves being pet and cuddled. He likes to steal my food, and drink my soy milk, and I can't ever be mad! Me and Finny both have a completely vegan diet, and his favorite snacks are almond milk and fruit snacks! He kisses my lips and licks my hands and sleeps on my feet. Thankfully he runs around, otherwise he'd be pretty chunky with all the junk he eats! I will never go without a rat again. I always want one in my life. Phineas is the most lovely, smart, and adorable pet that's ever owned me! And I love him to death. So if you're looking into adopting a rat, I definitely suggest it! Despite their reputation, they are clean, and cuddly animals; a rat would change your life, I know Phineas has changed mine!
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