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Remembering all those who have passed ...
Sunday, January 14, 2018



Niko Anger
Sam Applebaum
Buddy Beccaria
Cooper Bey

Dakota Bisson
Chrissy Blue

Rosie Blue

Sadie Blue

Grease Blue

Soba Blue
Monty Blue
Sundance Blue
Scott Blue
Three Toe Blue
Harry Dow Blue
Bailey Boyle
Casey Boyle

Mitzi Boyle

Nuggett Boyle
Peanut Boyle
Buddy Branca

Chance Brumbaugh
Tyga Buczkowski
Lisbeth Burns
Aria Cambreleng
Annie Carr
Millie Carr
Samantha Fellerman-Carr
Molly Castronovo
Libby Catalane
Peabody Cherveny
Rascal Conceicao
Jasmine Cosenzo

GriGri Cunningham

Savannah Daane

Pipsqueak Dangluk

Spookers Dangluk
Frederick Dow
Hunter Dow
Nico "Freaky" Dow
Barney-Bear DuCharme-Loranger
Paws DuCharme-Loranger

Bentley Feliciano
Lobo Ferguson
Morgan Finch

Missy Fitzgerald
Columbo Fitch
Junior Fitch
Millie Fitch
Pluto Fitch
Rockette Fitch

Hunter Fogel
Hank Francis
Skippy Francis
Casey Freeman
Pepper Freisinger
Tango Lombardi Gallardo
Wolfgang "Wolfie" Gambardella
Madison Garrison
Birdie Gaudio
Buster Gaudio

Coltie Gaudio

Daisy Gaudio
Dottie Pecosa Gaudio
Fred Gaudio
Georgie Gaudio

Joey Gaudio
Kit-Kat Gaudio
Ms. Maxine Gaudio
Maxine's Litte Bernice Gaudio
Muffin Gaudio
Punkin Gaudio
Rocky Gaudio

Roxxy Blues Gaudio, CGC
Simon Gaudio

Simone Gaudio
Ch. Spumante Bubbles Gaudio
Tweetie Gaudio
Zoe Zoe Gaudio

Patch Gilbride

Hank Giller

Schmoopy Giller

Onyx Goldberg
Dexter Goldfarb
Chloe Goodman
Pepper Goodman
Tweety Goodman
Tiffany Grech

Tutti Frutti Grech
Little Health
Cleo Heiss
Piper Herbst
Sasha Holland
Samson Holland
Max Horn
Ameerah Hudson

Bunny Hudson
Fudd Hudson

Lakota Hudson

Pebbles Hudson

Rocky Hudson

Shadow Hudson
ZZ Hudson

Ralph Hymowitz
Honey Bunny Irving
Charley Jensen
Fletcher Jensen

Chloe Jensen

Cody Jensen

Gray Dawn Jensen

Jeter Jensen

Zelda Jensen
Homer Kass

Lilly Kesselman
Tunee Lambos
Zoey Lanza

Suzie Liborio

Eddie Lisewski
Gigi Lisi

Prissy Lotti

Barney Lucido

Sadie Luks

Jack Maine
Fred Maier
Jessie Maier
Benny Margolies

Bobcat Martin
Ginger Martin
Piper Martin
Willow Martin

Smokey McGee
Chili Meyerson
Teddy Miccio
Muttsey Misla
Baron Mollicone

Bella Mollicone

Madison Mollicone
Silvester Morris

Schmoopy Moutal

Beep Mundy
Berry Mundy

Boo Mundy
Buddy Mundy

Charlie Mundy
Chu-Chu Mundy
Mellow Yellow "Mel" Mundy

Midas Mundy
Oodles Mundy

Page Mundy

Pandora Mundy
Rhythm Mundy
Scooter Mundy
Smudge Mundy
Sophie Mundy
Toby Mundy
Winston Mundy

Wuffles Mundy
Yummy Mundy
Casper Myers
Jeter Napolitano

Shade O'Connell
Crackers Ortiz
Rascal Paradiso
Kramer Pellicano
Alex Pepperberg
Buttons Price

Oreo Price
Spike Reaves
Maya Renert
Guinness Rizzo
Lily Rizzo
Merci Rizzo

Powder Rizzo

Bane Roefaro

Maggie Ruggiero

Jake Russell

Sandy Russell
Ginger Schaefer
Carlye Schilling

Cinder Schultz
Bogie Schwartz
Dash Schwartz
Dot Schwartz
Tiger Schwartz
Kitty Sheridan
Chammy Solimando

Luke Solimando

Sammy Squatrito
Jasper Steel
Gus Strella

Barcelona Stupp
Molly Thomas

Missy Tisdale
Gigi Traynor
Sasha Traynor
Spencer Trovato

Cubby (aka Chubby) Van Slyke
Brumis Vesely

Zack Weiser
Ripley Winter

Girlfriend Wood
Belle Zomback

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Shadow Fisher
so sweet to remember your special animal/person in your life