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Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic for Felines, Thursday, January 17, 2013
9/8/2012 8:33:02 PM
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Thanks George, this is great information and you are right cats suitable for residing in a barn do need acclimation. It works!
I would like to suggest a much needed topic for the HVHS blog: BARN CATS and HOW TO ACCLIMATE THEM TO BARN CAT LIFE. Certain organizations (who specialize in placing barn-cats) have helped me when placing a barn-cats. Some folks think you can let a cat go in a barn and "Presto"! He's a barn cat. WRONG! There is an acclimation process. To get you started, here are some helpful LINKS:
I'm a HVHS Volunteer. I have T/R/N over 40 felines in my neighborhood. It's a major commitment, stress, hard work, late nights, but TARA made the cost factor sooo much easier! Finally, after 3 years and constant vigilance of Trapping/Having the felines "fixed"/Releasing.... Ta-Da! NO KITTENS on my property or nearby houses this year! Now the neighbors can fed the strays with no guilt (and no unwanted kittens that would have a very hard life living outside). Trap/Neuter/Release DOES work if you actually DO IT and follow through: always keep an eye out for any new feline arrivals (have them "fixed" asap). Maintenance is a lot easier than starting all over again. And you may have a huge neutered alpha male you've neutered (as I have). He can usually keep unwanted strays away and keeps the "core colony" in order (OK--he's actually a bully, but they have their own rules.) The 40 cats have settled into a core group of about 7 or 8 (Animal Control in my town is thrilled at the results). T/N/R works, if you do it. But no one is going to do it for you. There are many web-sites to teach you how to T/N/R. If you've started a situation where you're feeding strays, or feral, felines, they will procreate like rabbits: your intentions may be good but your situation will only get worse, not better. Trapping is unsettling, but think of the cat's welfare -- not your own comfort level. I'm glad I did it and THANK YOU TARA!