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Burton and Zuzu
  • Status: Lost
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Breed: French Bulldog / Schnauzer
My dogs have been missing from Hartford, CT, since February 27th, 2014. Burton and Zuzu, my beloved dogs, went missing when my home was broken into. I don't know if the dogs were taken during the burglary or if they ran away, but I suspect that someone has them at this point. They could be anywhere if they were taken or picked up and sold. I am trying to spread the word across the country! Please download and share their missing dog poster with your network and other e-mail lists that you might have. Also, please print it and display it in your facility or workplace. The poster can be downloaded here: You can also keep track of the search by joining (and sharing) the Facebook page, "Find Burton and Zuzu West End Hartford". This link redirects to the page: I am absolutely heartbroken, but I am not giving up the search for my babies. Please, please help me bring them home! Burton and Zuzu are brother and sister. They are French Bulldog-Schnauzer mixes. They each weigh 30lbs and are microchipped. Burton is brindle (black and brown) and has a short tail (3-4 inches). Zuzu is blonde/tan with black around her muzzle, and she also has a short tail (1-2 inches). Thank you for all your help and please let me know if you have any questions! Always hopeful, Amanda
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