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  • Status: Lost
  • Age:
  • Breed: Cat
Description: chubby black cat with white belly/underside and white area on top of head. Very friendly. Name is Lilly. Location: Revere Ct in Suffern, NY Bon Aire complex Contact: 845-521-1486 My mother is in the hospital and I picked up her cat to take care of it while she was gone. Unfortunately, I am not used to having a cat in the house and due to the stress of everything going on I didn't think and opened the sliding door for a little air last night. I looked all over and have left tuna outside hoping she would come back, but she has not returned. As it is my mom's I do not have a picture currently. If you see any cat matching that description or have any advice it would be GREATLY appreciated! I am so distraught that I lost my mom's cat and praying I am able to find her. Thank you!
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