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Pets for Adoption - Gone Home
  • Age: Adult
  • Breed: Maltese
***UPDATE*** THIS LITTLE CUTIE HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Dakota is an adult Maltese who we had to have dental surgery for ... she now has only 4 teeth remaining. These pint size dogs need their teeth cared for or they have a propensity for dental issues. We seek a responsible owner who will maintain her teeth. She's a total peach and will win you over with her clowning around for sure.
  • Age: Adult
  • Breed: Dachshund Mix
OMG Charlie is a sweetheart we rescued from a shelter in Georgia. He was heartworm positive and did not have a good outlook until he came to the HVHS where we had him treated for heartworm and cured. Yes it took a few months and it was expensive, but he's worth it! Completely healthy and ready to go home.
  • Age: Adult
  • Breed: Dachshund
***UPDATE*** THIS DOG HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Jerry "show me the doggie cookies" McGuire is an adult Dachshund and he is petite, less than 10 #. Because of his size we do not recommend him with small children.
  • Age: <6 months
  • Breed: Marvelous Mutt!
This is one of the sweetest pups we have ever met. Jordi is a rescue from Kentucky and a total cutie. What breed is he ... a marvelous mutt for sure that's all we can say with confidence! Nice dog, he will make a super companion.
  • Age: Young adult
  • Breed: Parakeet (Budgie)
These parakeets have been adopted!
  • Age: Young adult
  • Breed: Parakeet (Budgie)
These keets have been adopted!
  • Age: 18 months
  • Breed: Parsons Terrier/Sheltie Mix
Another super cutie for sure! Bart looks like a Parson's Terrier had an affair with a Sheltie a few generations ago and this is what you get. He is perhaps 18 months of age and a real charming guy.
  • Age: 18 months
  • Breed: Parsons Terrier mix
***UPDATE*** YOU'RE TOO LATE THIS ADORABLE GUY HAS GONE HOME! Oh boy here's one super cutie ... perhaps 18 months and looks like a Parson's Terrier mix. He's little (<20#) and a darn awesome watchdog.
  • Age: 7-8 months
  • Breed: Hound/Pointer Mix
She is perhaps 9 months of age and rescued through our partner rescue in Kentucky. Lexie has been spayed, is heartworm negative and up-to-date on all age appropriate vaccines. A fenced yard is a must for this houndie!
  • Age: Kitten
  • Breed: DSH - Orange & White
***THIS CUTIE HAS BEEN ADOPTED*** Orange and white little boy approximately 12 weeks of age. FIV/AIDS/LEUK "negative" all age-appropriate vaccines. Is due to arrive 7-30-16.
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